Navid Moazzez - PodcastNavid Moazzez is a lifestyle entrepreneur, personal branding strategist, virtual summit expert, blogger, podcaster, and online marketer. He is the creator of the biggest online personal branding conference in the world, The Branding Summit and his premium online training program, Virtual Summit Mastery.

Navid helps awesome people create, promote and profit from their own virtual summits to skyrocket their business and brand online. He has been featured in Business Insider (122,000+ views), Yahoo Finance, The Guardian, Fizzle, RazorSocial, Firepole Marketing, and more.

Navid shares 3 ways a lifestyle entrepreneur can build a personal brand and business around a lifestyle they love.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What is a Personal Brand
  • How to build a personal brand and business around a lifestyle you love
  • The benefits of hosting a virtual summit

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