Maura PodcastMaura Sweeney is an Author, Podcaster and Huffington Post Blogger whose mantra is “Living Happy – Inside Out.” She has been featured in, Midlife Boulevard, Project Eve, Better After 50, Tampa Bay Times, Boston Globe and Britain’s BBC Radio.

Her journey led her to become a nationally recognized corporate sales manager and, years later, a home schooling mom whose child entered Harvard Graduate School (yes, graduate school) at age 19. As a midlife empty-nester, Maura is relishing her “Third Act” as an inspirational journalist and lifestyle entrepreneur under her self-styled Maura4u brand.

With an eclectic background that includes travel to over 40 foreign countries, Maura takes all of her passions about life, people and finding what’s best in us all to share good news musings through her blogs, books, videos and podcasts.

Maura has created a lifestyle career that brings together everything she loves. “It’s a great cover job,” she explains, “one that allows me to travel, interview and do what I am while influencing others to follow their own path toward greater happiness and authenticity.”

Maura shares 3 ways lifestyle entrepreneurs can see themselves and be themselves by achieving the Art of happiness.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to achieve the art of happiness
  • How to follow your passion
  • Failure is a stepping stone to success

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